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VISENTA provides professional accounting services. Experienced specialists will help you to meet all your needs. Each of our specialists has long-term experience and is well versed in all aspects of bookkeeping.

In cooperation with us you will have no doubt whatever you are working in: IT, wholesale and retail trade in various products, logistics services, construction, etc.

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    Your company's accounting

    • registration of bank documents;

    • calculation and registration of wages;

    • submission of all mandatory declarations and reports to the administrations of the Republic of Lithuania;

    • preparation of company's financial statements;

    • registration of purchase and sales accounts in accounting;

    • drafting of debt consolidation acts;

    • preparation of write-offs of used fuel;

    • fixed assets accounting;

    • depreciation reports;

    • registration of advance accounts;

    • registration of cash registers;

    • inventory accounting;

    • warehouse accounting;

    • Organization of VAT refund, processing of necessary documents;

    • Receipt of VAT code;

    • inventory accounting records;

    • annual financial statements;

    • archiving of documents;

    Bookkeeping services


    We represent taxpayers in their relations with tax administrators: we provide inquiries, fill in declarations, negotiate with the tax administrator.

    Our team specialists will advise you on all tax issues. Tax risk management in business is one of the most challenging tasks for which competence, experience and knowledge are needed.

    We provide companies with tax law advice on all types of taxes applicable to legal entities.

    “Visenta” cooperates with one of the largest law firms in Vilnius – Metida, in order to provide the correct and legally prescribed information. Therefore, our company will assist you in the following areas:

    • We will identify and evaluate the tax implications of foreseeable transactions;

    • We prepare inquiries and requests for preliminary binding clarifications to the tax administrator;

    • We will represent you in the tax investigations, tax inspections and other procedures;

    • We will represent the negotiations with the tax administrator;

    • We will represent tax disputes and tax disputes at all stages of the proceedings.