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Establishment of companies


Establishment of companies

Operationally establishing new companies  like UAB (closed joint-stock companies), VŠĮ (public institutions), MB (small communities), IĮ (individualias įmones), associations and other branches and representative offices.


Methods of establishment

Electronic way

establishing a company through the portal of the registry center.

Establishing an enterprise electronically will take only three days. You will need to come up with a name and e.signature that you can get from your mobile operator. We will prepare and submit all the required documents. We will also open a company bank account.

Notary through the branch office of the Registry.

This set up may take up to five business days.

Our team will prepare all the necessary documentation, reserve the right time for the notary, open a savings account in the bank. You will only have to choose the name you are interested in and come to the notary office.

If you do not have a legal registration address:

  • We will suggest you to use our addresses;

  • After registration of the company we will offer all legal and accounting services, we will employ the CEO of the company;

  • We will help you get the VAT code quickly;

  • We will send all your business letters to your email, resend them by the post office or with express courier within 1 day.

Establishing a company in another country

Our international team can also offer you the establishment of a company in many EU countries. We will help you to establish a company or establish a company for you in countries such as:

  • Estonia (Talinn)

  • Latvia (Riga)

  • Belarus (Minsk)

  • Belgium (Brussels)

  • Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki. Kastoria)

  • France (Paris)

  • Spain (Madrid)

  • Netherlands (Amsterdam)

Changing the company's key documents

Our lawyers will be able to quickly prepare all the necessary documents in order to change your company’s core:

  • Articles of Company

  • Company name

  • Information about the company's CEO

  • Information about shares, company's shares purchase-sale or donation documents

  • All actions related to the change of authorized capital

  • We will publicly announce any actions taken by the company if required by law.